The Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) has been organizing an annual meeting in the United Kingdom since 1979, with the aim of promoting debate and discussion of issues in archaeological theory.

TAG-NYC marked the arrival of TAG in the US, in May 2008. It was followed by TAG at Stanford University in 2009 and TAG 2010 at Brown University. TAG in the US coordinates dates with the British TAG meetings, which are held in December. The most recent UK TAG meetings were held in Southampton in 2008, and in Durham in 2009.

TAG also has a Scandinavian offshoot, Nordic TAG, which was held in Aarhus, Denmark in May 2007.

TAG’s Ethos

TAG aims to be inclusive, informal, and low cost. It is run entirely by volunteers from the sponsoring institution and it welcomes and encourages participation from students and archaeologists working outside of academic settings.

To encourage participation there is no membership requirement or membership fee. Participants pay a registration fee that covers the cost of each conference, including the the conference program and abstracts and a reception on the opening night.

TAG USA has a steering committee drawn from recent host campuses. Future hosts of TAG USA are SUNY Buffalo in 2012, the University of Chicago in 2013, and the University of Pennsylvania in 2014. If you would like to host TAG in the future please direct inquiries to Zoe Crossland at zc2149@columbia.edu.