Conference Locations and Local Guide

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Conference Locations

  • International House – Map
  • Kroeber Hall – Map
  • 2251 College Building (Archaeological Research Facility) – Map


Local Guide

The UC Berkeley archaeology graduate students have put together reviews of local restaurants and bars that we have added to our venue map. Here are some of the reviews:

Caffe Strada

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Strada, a coffee shop, is located at 2300 College Ave, almost directly across the street from the Archaeological Research Facility. It’s open almost all day long, and has a lovely outdoor area (note: only lovely in rare good weather; bring a jumper). Its proximity to the law school means you’ll be fighting for seats with panicky students carrying large books, so better to just order your drinks To-Go and beat a hasty exit. The coffee’s not bad. By Tom S.

International House Cafe

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The International House Cafe is impossible to miss: just look for the big domed building at the apex of College Ave. Just a short walk from the Archaeological Research Facility, the International House Cafe has reasonably priced food, coffee and alcoholic libations, with both indoor and outdoor seating. It is particularly good for people watching and eavesdropping, and the broad variety of accents will ensure that any homesickness is abated pronto.

By Amber B.

Café Milano

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Just a short walk down hill from the ARF, this coffee shop located at 2522 Bancroft is a great place to meet colleagues for lunch or an afternoon coffee break. They have a variety of sandwiches and salads, as well as soup and a little something for your sweet tooth. The lofted 2nd level offers extra seating as well as a great vantage point for people watching. With free WiFi, Milano is a great place to put the finishing touches on your presentation while sipping on a mocha.

By Julie W.

Café Intermezzo

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Next door to Raleigh’s on Telegraph, Café Intermezzo is a great place to grab a sandwich or salad for lunch.  You can smell their fresh baked honey whole wheat bread from a block away, which is also usually where the line starts.  Plan to get your lunch to-go since the seating is limited. The delicious and reasonably priced food is worth the wait and the large portions will keep you full for the rest of the day! By Julie W.

Smart Alec’s Intelligent Food

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Located on the corner of Telegraph and Durant, Smart Alec’s is a great place to eat lunch. They have a variety of sandwiches, soups and salads (both come with their incredibly corn bread!), as well as burgers (the meat or veggie variety) and their famous air-baked smart fries.  Voted by the Daily Californian as the Best Health Food Restaurant for the past 2 years, you can get your burger and fries without a side of guilt!  They are cash only, so hit the ATM across the street first. By Julie W.

Bear’s Lair

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Folks at Berkeley tend to approach The Bear’s Lair, the university’s on-campus watering hole, as a bar of last resort because it’s usually awash with undergraduates. That’s not entirely a fair appraisal, as they do have a good selection of beers on-tap just a few minutes’ walk from the Archaeological Research Facility. And as long as you’re not there on a Friday afternoon, the teeming hordes of just-turned-21-year-olds can be easily avoided. While you’re avoiding them, be sure to also avoid the food here. Beer prices range from reasonable to great, depending on what is on special. By Tom S.


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Jupiter is a pizza bar located about 10 minutes west of the ARF, and is best-known for its great selection of house-brewed beers, most of which are quite strong (if you’re used to thinking that American beers are watery and weak, prepare to have your misconceptions shattered here). The servers are well-trained in beer knowledge, so if you have questions about hoppiness or bitterness units or the like, ask away. Jupiter makes some great pizzas, and almost any of their pizzas come highly recommended. Prices are relatively high here, so if someone owes you a beer have them take you here. However, if you owe someone a beer, might we suggest the Bear’s Lair? By Tom S.

Triple Rock

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Triple Rock is the sister pub to Jupiter and shares Jupiter’s dedication to microbrew beers. Just west of the university, on Shattuck, it is close to the main thoroughfares that are the BART station and University Avenue. Whilst its regular selection of on-tap beers is excellent, they also have weekly rotation of brews. Triple Rock has a broad menu of pub fare, with a decent number of vegetarian options. Check out the roof garden for its view of airplane flight paths and the hills of Berkeley.  By Amber B.

Chez Panisse

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Alice Waters’ restaurant, located on North Shattuck approximately 20 minutes from the ARF, is a foodies’ mecca. Waters has made her career on serving French-style cuisine using only locally and seasonably available ingredients. By all accounts, the food at this Berkeley landmark is supposed to be delicious. That said, it takes a certain amount of chutzpah to make your career on extolling the virtues of local food and then price your meals out of the realm of possibility for all but the upper 1% of the populace. Bring your credit card and expect to be paying your meal off for the next few months. By Tom S.


Raleigh’s bar, on Telegraph avenue about 10 minutes walk from the ARF, is the default go-to location for the archaeology grad students at Berkeley. In fact, given the amount of money the archaeology department has spent here we ought to have something on the menu named after us. They have a wide range of food, all of which is perfectly adequate. The beer selection is usually pretty great and most nights there are a few beers on special (when purchased by the pitcher). While prices range from low to moderate, they’ve inexplicably decided to go cash-only for a while, so be sure to hit the ATM on your walk over. By Tom S.