TAG-USA May 6-8
Berkeley, California

Archaeology of and in the Contemporary World

This fourth TAG conference to be held in North America intends to promote a diverse range of approaches to archaeological theory, from all the disciplines where archaeologists are found in the academy and outside it.

We encourage creative engagement with questions about the place of archaeology in the contemporary world. Whether this involves examining the sociopolitics of archaeological practice, investigating contemporary social life, or foregrounding how new currents of theory are changing even traditional archaeological subfields, our aim is to call attention to the place archaeology occupies in the world today, and to firmly reject popular imagery that relegates archaeological practice to an antiquarian past and limits archaeological research to exotic others and “prehistory”.

A. Contemporary Theory in Near Eastern Archaeology
Organizers: Laurent Dissard, University of California, Berkeley and Antonietta Catanzariti, University of California, Berkeley

B. What Do Pictures Want? Picture Theory in Archaeology
Organizers: Jen Thum, University of Oxford and Rob Persson, University of Oxford

C. The Contemporary: Narratives and Genealogies
Organizers: Geneviève Godbout, University of Chicago and Rebecca Graff, University of Chicago

D. Theoretical Potluck: Cultural Jams, Pickles and other Hot Potatoes
Organizer: Janet Six, University of Hawaii-Maui College

E. Opening Dialogs in Archaeological Photography
Organizer: Heather Law, UC Berkeley

F. Memory, performance and identity in archaeological explorations of space and materiality
Organizers: Debora Trein, University of Texas at Austin

G. Archaeology in Contemporary Popular Media
Organizers: Ryan Kennedy, Indiana University and Guido Pezzarossi, Stanford University

H. Materiality of Contemporary Practices
Organizers: Rosemary A. Joyce and Peter Nelson, UC Berkeley

I. Strata/Palimpsest
Organizers: Zoe Crossland, Columbia University and Amara Magloughlin, Columbia University

J. Situating Prehistoric Communities of Practice

Organizers: Andrew Roddick, University of Victoria and Alexander Bauer, Queens College, CUNY

K. The Archaeology of Imagery: Exploring the Theoretical Frameworks of Archeological Interpretations of Symbols, Iconic Features and Visual Culture
Organizers: Alexander Andreeff and Ylva Sjöstrand

L. Landscape Archaeology Through Modern Eyes
Organizer: Simone Paturel, Newcastle University

M. The Persistence of the Sixties: Countercultural Archaeologies
Organizers: Severin Fowles, Barnard College, and Kaet Heupel, Columbia University

N. The Ideational Archaeological Landscape: Archaeological Sites, Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Public Imagination
Organizers: Stella Souvatzi, Open University of Cyprus and Athena Hadji, Open University of Cyprus

O. Present, Past and Future: Modern and Archaeological Bodies in Interpretation
Organizers: Karina Croucher, University of Manchester and Ellen Belcher, John Jay College/CUNY

P. Graffiti and the Archaeology of the Contemporary
Organizers: Colleen Morgan, University of California, Berkeley

Q. Withdrawing Pasts and the Trauma of Materials, the Image and the Archive
Organizers: Uzma Rizvi, Pratt Institute and Lindsay Moira Weiss, Stanford University

R. Imagined Encounters: Historiographies for a New World
Organizer: Roland Betancourt, Yale

S. Apocalyptic Imaginations: Disaster, Ruination, and Resilience
Organizers: Elizabeth Angell, Columbia and Maria Brodine, Columbia

T. Archaeologies of the Post-Industrial
Organizer: Sefryn Penrose

U. Graven Artefacts: Archaeologies of Monotheism
Organizer: Darryl Wilkinson, Columbia University

V. Archaeology of Festivals
Organizers: Laurie A. Wilkie, UC Berkeley, and Carolyn White, University of Nevada, Reno