2013 Theme: Context

All poster presentations should conform loosely to the 2013 theme of the conference, “Context”.

In recent decades the field of bioarchaeology has been deeply anchored in the greater contextualization of archaeological skeletal remains. The incorporation of archaeological contextual information has been central in the study of mortuary practice and recent studies have emphasized the deeper understanding of past life ways gained through the close and simultaneous consideration of archaeological, historical, and ethnographic ┬ásources of data along with skeletal analyses. “Context” can be taken to emphasize:

– current bioarchaeology research that integrates elements from biological, behavioral, ecological, and social research.
– the importance biological and evolutionary context of the primate skeleton in studies of osteology/bioarchaeology
– historical and ethical context of bioarchaeological analyses

The “Context” theme will form the basis of a conversation initiated by
the Friday evening plenary session and invited Saturday speakers, but
participants are encouraged to interpret the theme generously and