Research by ARF Archaeologists

The ARF supports archaeologists at UC Berkeley with workshops and training, and small grants supporting fieldwork and equipment.

Stahl Summaries


Aidonia Project, Greece. Kim Shelton (Classics)
The Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology excavated, in the 2017 season, at the Late Bronze Age site of Aidonia in Greece, in collaboration with the director of the Korinthian Ephorate of Antiquites, Dr. Konstantinos Kissas. Kim Shelton and her team of graduate and undergraduate students excavated three chamber tombs, one of which was heavily looted. The largest tomb contained seven primary burials, on the floor or in cists in the floor, within a collapsed bedrock chamber. The burials range in date from the 15th to the 13th centuries BCE. The collapsed tomb was covered by deep strata of deposits from the Iron Age through the Byzantine periods indicating that the area came to be used for other functions rather than burial, such as cult, craft production, and habitation. The excavated material that includes ceramic, metal, and stone objects is now under conservation and study at the Nemea Museum. 


Bolivian Landscapes. Christine Hastorf (Anthropology)

Christine Hastorf, along with Maria Bruno, Jose Capriles, Ruth Fontenla and Jewell Soriano spent one month interviewing residents in the community of Chiripa, province Ingavi, Bolivia, on the shores of Lake Titicaca.  This is the community where an important Formative site resides that my project, the Taraco Archaeology Project, has been investigating since 1992.  Our goal was to interview local residents about their engagement with their local landscape, their fields, places of power, vistas, and relationships with their neighbors. During our interviews we recorded names of specific locations, videoed individuals walking around their daily routines, as well as tasks that they complete to make sure their harvest is successful.  The image shared here is of a ceremony of four ritual specialists (yatiris) to ask the landscape to grant us access and give us sucsess in our project.