ARF Equipment

ARF Equipment is available for archaeological research by ARF faculty, their students, and ARF affiliated scholars under the permission of a faculty member. The equipment is examined by the Lab Manager while being checked out and again upon return, and users are expected to report back on the performance of the equipment and any issues that arose.

Atrium Calendar

This calendar is for scheduling use of the ARF Atrium. The Atrium is available for scheduled ARF events and use by other departments or groups is by special permission only (a useage fee may apply). Contact Tomeko at to reserve the Atrium and if use is granted the event will appear on this calendar.

Sokkia SET 510 Total Station

Basic information on each piece of equipment

Description: Unit was purchased new with tripod, prism rod, and prism.

See the description associated with our other Sokkia Total Station model (530r3) for details on how to connect the instrument, download or transfer data, and export to other software formats. 

Software: ProLink 1.x software (Windows XP) supplied by Sokkia is used to download field data to a computer through a serial cable. SokkiaLink is a more current version of this software.

Interface: Sokkia Serial to D9 (9-pin) Serial cable supplied. A Keyspan 19HS Serial-USB adapter cable is typically used to allow for USB connections, and a special Keyspan driver has to be installed.

Dimensions of Equipment

Sokkia in protective case
42 x 23 x 34 cm, 10.35 kg (23 lbs)

Tripod and stadia rod in Wilson golf case:
133 x 30 x 37 cm, 14.3 kg (31.5 lbs)

The reflector prism and soft case are not included in these measurements.