ARF Exhibits

Current exhibits at the Archaeological Research Facility

Altamira Mural in the ARF Atrium

The east wall of the Atrium in the Archaeological Research Facility features a mural designed around a principal panel at Altamira, the renowned Upper Paleolithic cave art site in northern Spain. 

Amanda Adams on scaffolding The mural was painted by Amanda Adams in 2005 following the seismic retrofitting of the ARF building.

The artist Amanda Adams has published a book about early women archaeologists entitled Ladies of the Field: Early Women Archaeologists and Their Search for Adventure (Greystone Books, 2010).

Historical instruments in the ARF

In the past fifty years of research by scholars at the Archaeological Research Facility instrumentation has changed dramatically. A number of historic instruments on are display at the ARF.


Buff & Buff Transit

Model 2C
Produced: 1930 (approx.)
Optical tube length: 
25.4 cm (10")
Serial: 25574


Keuffel & Esser
Wye Level

20" Extra Fine Engineers
Model: 5012
Produced: 1908
Optical tube length: 
51.5 cm (20 1/4")
Serial: 16516


W. & L.E. Gurley
1510 no. L

18 Inch Engineers Wye Level
Model: 377
Produced: 1915
Optical tube length:
49.2 cm (19 3/16")
Serial: 151090

Thanks to Robert Parrish of Antique Surveying Instruments for information about our instruments.