Donate to the ARF

The Archaeological Research Facility (ARF) is dedicated to supporting archaeological field and laboratory research conducted by U.C. Berkeley archaeologists and related specialists (for more information on what we do, see our mission statement).

Donations to the ARF can benefit our program in many ways, including:

  • enabling the purchase of new field and lab equipment, and computer hardware.
  • supporting field and lab work for research projects conducted around the world.
  • supplementing general operations, such as public lectures, staffing, and supplies.
  • expanding our series of archaeology publications.

If you are interested in contributing to the Archaeological Research Facility, you can make a donation on-line through the ARF page on the Give to Cal website.

The Give to Cal website is a secure site that allows you to safely make a donation on-line with your credit card. You can also contact one of the following to make a donation or to get further information:

Contact Information
Prof. Laurie Wilkie
ARF Director
(510) 643-0677
Tomeko Wyrick
ARF Administration
(510) 642-2212