Thermo IEC Centra CL2 Centrifuge

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The ARF unit was purchased with the four part swinging bucket rotor, two aerocarrier sealed tube inserts (7-10 mL), and two aerocarrier sealed tube inserts (10-15 mL).

Compact, simple, and economical benchtop centrifuge designed for basic research and clinical applications.

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The IEC Centra CL2 is an ideal system for blood separations with a capacity of up to sixteen (16) 13 mm Becton Dickenson Vacutainer ® tubes and tissue culture with up to 8 x 15 ml or 4 x 50 ml Falcon / Corning Conical tubes in sealed carriers. A simple interface allows rapid setting of critical parameters.


  • Exclusive autoclavable Aerocarrier ® adapters contain aerosols consistent with OSHA's bloodborne pathogen rule. Adapters can be removed from rotor for transport, and easily sealed with screw-on, transparent lids.
  • Simple panel membrane is glove friendly; large LED display shows current run conditions.
  • Accurate microprocessor control, with g-force run control and 30 minute At-Speed timer ensures consistent centrifugation regardless of run size.
  • Compatible with existing rotors from earlier IEC centrifuge platforms (e.g., the IEC Clinical)