Nikon Eclipse E600

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File Nikon e600 Polarized Brochure
Nikon e600 Polarized Brochure
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Upright Microscope

According to Nikon's Instrument Evolution Guide the lineage of the Eclipse e600 (circa 1997) evolved into the Eclipse 80i in 2004.

Description of the Eclipse e600 instrument from the Museum of Microscopy

Available since the mid-1990s, the mid-tier microscope incorporates completely new specifications adopted for the CFI60 series objectives, including a 60-millimeter parfocal distance, a 25-millimeter thread size, and a standard 22-millimeter field of view. An ergonomic design allows for longer periods of comfortable observation.

The E600 is equipped with a detachable substage, a 12-volt 100-watt tungsten-halide lamp, filter magazine, and a choice of sextuple nosepiece or sextuple DIC nosepiece. The microscope features a longer focal length tube lens, a characteristic feature of the new CFI60 infinity optical system, and a new multiple point rigid design for attaching accessories. Advanced universal objectives allow for multiple observation techniques -- such as brightfield, darkfield, Nomarski DIC, epi-fluorescence or phase contrast -- eliminating the need to change objectives while maintaining the same optical quality as dedicated lenses.

Camera Attachment

A digital camera and viewing system, the Digital Sight 5M, is attached to this microscope

This 5 megapixel camera stores images on a CompactFlash card and the images can also be viewed on an external monitor.