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Area F: 1993

This season's work provided more puzzles than answers. Below the floor of the Roman temple a massive and mysterious Hellenistic wall containing two niches (reused as a foundation by the Romans) was uncovered. To the south remains of Roman houses were found below the temple floor. A robber trench for the temple's podium wall was uncovered, but just where the wall for the sanctuary wall was expected walls of Persian through Roman houses were cleared. On the tell a series of exploratory squares were laid out between F1 and F2 to trace the line of the upper city's retaining wall, but only one section of this wall was discovered. All of this require a rethinking of the temple's lay out. It may turn out to be a broad-room type, rather than the long-room form which has been accepted until now. Two exceptional small finds were a Roman theater ticket (see below) and a lead figurine of a Macedonian cavalryman.

Front side ofRroman theater token
Back side of Roman theater token

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