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Area F: 1997

In Area F3, a unit supervised by Dora Nicopoulos continued excavation in the oil press under the Roman temple (the great northern foundation). The weight-pits were fully excavated, and a large quantity of organic material, sherds, and two coins were recovered. The organic material included animal and fish bones, barley, at least two varieties of olive, and numerous other seeds, as yet unidentified. The pottery all seems to belong to the mid first century B.C.E., and included a Rhodian stamped amphora handle whic should help us to get a closer fix on the date of the deposit; likewise the two coins. In any case, we are now sure that the fcility was constructed ca. 200 B.C.E. and went out of use ca. 50 B.C.E.; domestic structures were then erected on the site in the Augustan period; and finally the temple was built over all of these in the later 2nd century C.E. So either our putative predecessor to the temple stood to the south and has now been eroded away, or we have just posssibly been looing at it all along: for three niches in the eastern wall of the olive press suggest the presence of votive statues withing the press itself, as a Maresha.

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