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Area G : 1993

This season's work concentrated on bringing as much of the central part of the area down to the massive Iron I destruction as possible. Surprisingly, rather little of this material was found in those areas immediately adjacent to the destruction, though in the one area where the destruction clearly continued, an odd U-shaped feature, whose purpose is uncertain, was discovered. In the level below the skeleton what may be a grape press was found. Remains of a stand with figured decoration and votive vessels suggest that part of the area in Iron I was devoted to cultic activities. Two more walls containing reed mat bedding were uncovered, providing an important datum for linking up the architectural remains in the area. In the east part of the area a series of well-stratified floors with in situ pottery was uncovered, as were two remarkably long-lived ovens. Area G continues to evolve as an important "type" site for the material culture of the coast in the Iron I to Iron IIa periods.

Early Iron Age cult (?) room

Votive vessels found in the cult (?) room

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