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Area G : 1997

This year Area G was dug by a group of international volunteers supervised by three ex-Berkeley staff members now working with the Hebrew University team: Dr. Jeffrey Zorn (now Adjunct Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Studies at Cornell), Cameron Monroe (Anthropology, UCLA), and Margaret Strubel. They found more evidence of the early Iron I destructions ("Doreen's", and the earlier, burned, Bakery Destruction), including a beer-jug identified by Dr. Stern as Sikil.

During excavation, we were also delighted to receive two strong endorsements of our hypothesis that it was an earthquake that destroyed the early Iron Age walls in Area G that killed our "Doreen" in the late eleventh century B.C.E. (see Andrew Stewart, "A Death at Dor," in Biblical Archaeology Review, 1993). Our allies are Dr. Patricia Smith, physical anthropologist at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, and the distinguished Stanford seismologist and geo-historian, Professor Amos Nur: see his article, "Earthquake! Inspiration for Armageddon?" in Biblical Archaeology Review 23.4 (1997) 39-55.

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