Jomon Field School 2010


Principal Faculty: Professor Junko Habu
UC Berkeley Course: Anthropology 134A
This six-week summer program provides an introduction to field and laboratory methods in the archaeology of prehistoric Jomon hunter-gatherers of Japan. It is currently the only archaeological field school in Japan offered by an American university. As part of the  Berkeley Sannai Maruyama/Goshizawa Matsumori Project  (see below), we will excavate the  Goshizawa Matsumori site. At this  site, we will excavate one pit-  dwelling, catalog the potsherds and  other artifacts excavated from the site,  and collect soil-samples for flotation.  Flotation will be done to retrieve  floral/faunal remains and lithic  debitage. We also plan to work on soil  samples that were previously collected  from the Sannai Maruyama Site. This  field school is run in collaboration  with the Aomori Prefectural  Archaeological Center, Board of Education of Aomori City, and the Preservation Office of  the Sannai Maruyama site (a branch office of the Board of Education of Aomori Prefecture).

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