A Paleogenomic Perspective on the Population History of the Central Andes and the peopling of South America

At the ARF Fall Lecture 2016 we were treated to a lecture by Lars Fehren-Schmitz from UC Santa Cruz (Professor Christine Hastorf's introduction was unfortunately not recorded).
20 October 2016, Archaeological Research Facility, UC Berkeley

20 October 2016

Moche Field School 2009 - Peru

We are pleased to announce the 11th annual MOCHE-UNC field school in Peru, June 17 – July 18, 2009.
The field school webpage is:
Students are welcome to contact me at:
Office 919-962-9348

Quispisisa Obsidian Source Project

Obsidian from the Quispisisa source was widely distributed in ancient South America. Today dozens of large quarry pits are found in high grassland area in southern Ayacucho at around 4000m asl. In 2012 a research project directed by N. Tripcevich, D. Contreras, and Y. Cavero will focus on the source area and adjacent knapping workshops. Contact us about our field research in 2012.

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