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Then Dig is a group blog that centers on the archaeological short-form. Conceived after a popular blog carnival leading up to the Blogging Archaeology session at the 76th meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Then Dig intends to bring the best of archaeological blogging together in one place.

Then Dig is hosted by the Archaeological Research Facility at the University of California, Berkeley.

The name, Then Dig, was inspired by an illustration accompanying D.V. Clarke’s lecture on Basic Archaeology:


There are three types of submissions that are appropriate for Then Dig:

1) Submissions that participate in a themed issue. The editors of Then Dig will invite participants to contribute toward a specific theme. It is also possible to suggest themes and organize responses.

2) General submissions are also welcome. These submissions can be posted either wholly or in part on Then Dig. If you choose to submit a “teaser” post, be sure to include the unique URL where the rest of the post can be found. We encourage general submissions to be highly original discussions of archaeological experiences or findings. Multimedia submissions are also welcome.

3) We are accepting requests to peer-review submissions. These submissions will be reviewed by 2-3 peers and then posted as a special “peer-reviewed” post. These posts are not limited to text–we encourage multimedia submissions. We encourage open peer review, at the discretion of the reviewer. Reviewers will be picked from a pool of both digital archaeologists/bloggers and archaeologists who do not participate in blogs. The approved submissions will be marked with a stamp, designating its status:





We do not ask that submissions be exclusive to Then Dig, only that if you choose to republish your content elsewhere, that you link back to us. Then Dig is an Open Access group blog, and we are committed to transparency and fair use. We operate under a Creative Commons Attribution license, and submissions to the blog should be licensed in the same way. All submissions will be published under the author’s real name. We reserve the right to limit comments that are hostile to the author or subject, against the UC Berkeley terms of use, or that are commercial in nature.

Then Dig is hosted by the Archaeological Research Facility at the University of California, Berkeley. We deeply appreciate their support.

Submissions and questions should be directed to thendigblog@gmail.com.

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