Help for Readers

The idea of having a help file for a weblog seems a bit patronising. What more is there than click on title and scroll to read post? Most of the help is for the blog writers, but there are some features that readers might want to know about.

Projector mode

Some photos and videos will appear in projector mode. The screen will darken and the photo will increase in size so you can see it better. To get out of this mode it’s obvious you have to click the close x button. But what if your screen is small and you can’t see any buttons because a photo is filling up your screen? You can also get out of projector mode by pressing Escape on your keyboard.

Linking to a post

Linking to a post is obvious too. You can copy the URL from the address bar and use that. We also have two other ways you can link. If you want to link directly to a comment look for the timestamp on the right at the top of the comment. Click that and now you have a URL that links directly to the comment to copy.

Some posts might be a bit long. How can you link to a post part way down? At the moment you can’t but we can give you some help. Tap your shift key twice right now. You should now see para symbols at the start of each paragraph. Find a sentence you want to highlight, like this one. Click on the paragraph, and then click on the sentence. Look in your address bar you should have a URL like[SpmLuk,5] . You can now use this link. [ref]You’ll need to copy and paste it into a new tab or window to see it working in your own browser[/ref] It won’t get you directly to a sentence, but it will highlight the block of text making it easy for anyone scrolling down the screen to see what you’re talking about. You can highlight more than one sentence by clicking more than one sentence. Just click any sentences you want to highlight. If you want to unhighlight a sentence, click on it again. This system is called Emphasis and it’s experimental. Let us know if it’s useful.


You leave a comment by using the comment box. It won’t always appear though. We don’t pre-moderate comments, but we do use Akismet to keep out spam. About 90% of comments are spam, so sadly it is necessary. Unfortunately Akismet sometimes gets it wrong and your comment could be put into quarantine. We do check this, so we’ll fish it out as soon as we see it. addresses are caught quite often as it’s popular to fake a address to send spam. If this happens to you please take it as a compliment; you are considered so trustworthy, you’re exactly the sort of person crooks want to impersonate.

You can leave comments on any post with a comment box. On Featured posts there is a warning. Anything you say here might be compiled with the article if it gets converted to an ebook or paperback. This is because comments can add a lost of value to a post, so it might be worth archiving comments with posts. Whether or not that will em actually em happen is uncertain. It’s down to the editor of the compilation. Where possible we will make the compilation available as a free download.


Use a virus-scanner. We do, but we might not always be up-to-date.

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