Are you looking at me?

Bust of Caracalla.
A Quizzical Look. Photo by Trey Ratcliff.

This is the best shot I’ve seen of the hall of Roman Emperors in Naples. It’s by Trey Ratcliff, better known for his HDR work at Stuck in Customs. HDR is a method for compensating for wide variations in brightness for exposures, and so it’s usually very well suited for indoor work with natural light from outside, which makes it more unusual that this photo isn’t HDR. You can find his tutorial on the technique at his site.

Hopefully there will be more posts this week. I’ve been cut off from the internet to a large extent after moving house, and will be for a while yet. Everyone else is on fieldwork – which is more fun.

Photo: A Quizzical Look by Trey Ratcliff. Licenced under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence.