Croxden Abbey

[yt video=vohLD32fyNw]Croxden Abbey Illusion[/yt]

I’m trying to catch up with work, hence the skipped week. You can see the work at, which is a HTML5 page template among other things. Something more interesting is the Photo Search tool for botanical photos. If I can write a search engine for botanical images, then I can write one for archaeological images. When I get time to look over this site I’ll look at adding a similar engine. If you’d like to request archaeological photo pools to search, then leave a comment below.

Because I’m pushed for time it’ll be something I made a while ago that I put up as photo of the week. It’s based on this image of Croxden Abbey, a Cistercian Abbey dating from the 13th and 14th centuries. For the optical illusion, you need to stare at the black dot at the centre of the image. After around 30 seconds something will happen, but will you see a colour image or is it black and white?