The Archaeological Research Facility maintains affiliations with non-faculty research associates based both on and off of the UC Berkeley campus. View this page for further details about the different ways to be affiliated with the ARF.

Name Affiliation Research Interests Contact info
Mohammed Alami

Research Associate
Architectural History, Islamic Art, Earthean Architecture
James Allan

ARF Partner
Jim Allan
Saint Mary's College Maritime Archaeology, Historical Archaeology
(925) 631-8044
Mitch Allen

Research Associate
Mitch Allen
Scholarly Roadside Service Academic writing services
925 285-8664
Rebecca Allen

Research Associate
Rebecca Allen
ESA Environmental Science Historical Archaeology, California Mission studies, Landscape Studies, Publishing
Michael Ashley

ARF Partner
Michael Ashley
Center for Digital Archaeology Digital recording systems, photography and photogrammetry
Todd Braje

ARF Partner
Todd Braje
Irvine Chair of Anthropology at the California Academy of Sciences Coastal archaeology, Maritime Archaeology, migrations
Scott Byram

ARF Partner
Scott Byram conducting GPR survey at Fort Ross, CA
Feature Survey, Inc Ground Penetrating Radar, geophysics, historical arcaheology, fishing weirs
David R. Cohen

ARF Partner
African Archaeology, Ceramics, Zooarchaeology
Robert David

Visiting Researcher Scholar
Dave David
Petroglyphs, Northwest Archaeology
Linda Donley-Reid

Research Associate
Linda Donley-Reid
Swahili architecture, Ethnoarchaeology
Mark Emerson

Research Associate
Ayana Omilade Flewellen

Post-Doctoral Scholar
Archaeological Research Facility
African American History, Historical Archaeology
Kevin Gibbs

Research Associate
Kevin Gibbs
Researcher, Hearst Museum of Anthropology
UC Berkeley
Tim Gill

Research Associate
Tim Gill
Paleolithic, Hawaiian Archaeology
Donna Gillette

Visiting Researcher Scholar
American Rock Art Research Association Rock Art
Lori  Hager

ARF Partner
Lori Hager
Bioarchaeologist, Pacific Legacy, Inc Bioarchaeology
Chris Hoffman

Campus Colleague
Chris Hoffman
Research Information Technology, UC Berkeley Photogrammetry, Digital Collections, immersive visualization technologies
John Holson

ARF Partner
John Holson
Principal, Pacific Legacy, Inc. Historical Archaeology, CEQA, Consulting
Richard Hughes

ARF Partner
Richard Hughes
Director, Geochemical Research Laboratory Geochemistry
(650) 851-1410
Lucas R. Martindale Johnson

ARF Partner
Lucas Martindale Johnson
Far Western, Inc. Geochemistry, Lithics
Matthew Kroot

ARF Partner
Matthew Kroot
Santa Clara University 408-554-2794
Edward M. Luby

ARF Partner
Ed Luby
San Francisco State University Museum studies
(415) 338-3163
Melanie J. Miller

Research Associate
Melanie Miller
Postdoctoral scholar, University of Otago, NZ Bioarchaeology
Sidsel Millerstrom

ARF Partner
Oceanic Archaeology, Rock Art
Evan Muzzall

Campus Colleague
Evan Muzzall
Instructional Services Lead, D-Lab
356 Barrows Hall, UC Berkeley
Breck Parkman

ARF Partner
Breck Parkman
State Parks archaeologist (retired)
(707) 769-5652
Sherry Pierce Parrish

ARF Partner
Sherry Pierce Parrish
California Indians, Material Culture, Museum studies
Les Rowntree

Research Associate
Les Rowntree
Professor emeritus, Geography, San José State University Geography, Climate Change, Landscape Ecology
Russell Sheptak

Research Associate
College 2251 (ARF), UC Berkeley
Charles Striplen

ARF Partner
Chuck Striplen
California EPA California Ecology, Archaeology, Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Charlotte Sunseri

Research Associate
Charlotte Sunseri
Associate Professor, Anthropology, San José State University California archaeology, Historical Archaeology
Burcu Tung

Visiting Researcher Scholar
Director of Programs, Cyark
Barbara Voytek

ARF Partner
Alexei Vranich

Research Associate
Alexei Vranich
Professional Profile
Bowles Hall