Affiliation with the Archaeological Research Facility include the following categories

  • Affiliated ladder faculty
  • Graduate students supervised by ARF affiliated faculty and involved in archaeological research
  • Post-doctoral scholars, Visiting Scholars, Research Associates, ARF Research Affiliates, and Visiting Graduate Students.

Further information about each category is available below.

Types of Affiliation with the ARF

ARF Faculty Affiliates

Members of the UC Berkeley Faculty. Becoming an affiliate is done by being suggested by other ARF affiliates and taken to the ARF Advisory Committee for a vote. Any faculty is eligible who is engaged in some way with archaeology.

Post-Doctoral Scholars

Post-doctoral fellows are linked to ARF through an ARF Faculty member and fall into classifications defined on the UC Berkeley Post-doctoral Scholar page.

Visiting Researcher Scholars

A position that assumed for two years at a time, but can be renewed through the VSPA office every two years for a maximum of eight years. The Visiting Scholar position is defined on the UC Berkeley VSPA program page. It is most appropriate for recent archaeology graduates who want to maintain affiliation. The scholar pays the VSPA program $500 per year for this title. The scholar must submit their current CV to be on file with ARF.

Visiting researcher scholars are individuals who possess a Ph.D. or its equivalent, and whose primary purpose for residence on the Berkeley campus is to conduct independent research. No UC Berkeley permanent Staff or Faculty are eligible to be Visiting Researcher Scholars at UC Berkeley. The length of stay for a visiting researcher scholar is at least one month and appointments are granted one year at a time, with a maximum cumulative appointment time of two years. Visiting researcher scholar positions are not compensated. However, units may provide a stipend of up to $10,000 per year. Such stipends can be used to cover things such as living expenses, travel costs, and incidental research expenses, but not as a form of salary compensation.

Visiting Researcher Scholars are granted a variety of privileges, including access to the University Library, access to certain campus parking facilities, and eligibility for membership in the campus sports recreational facility. For more information please visit the Visiting Researcher Scholar Benefits and Privileges page.

Visiting Researcher Scholar status does not guarantee assignment of an office or workspace. These must be negotiated with the sponsoring department or research unit.

Research Associate

This is a university title that is without salary and is at no cost to ARF but it provides the researcher with university privileges. Their application must be approved by the VCR to receive this title. The Associate must submit their current CV to be on file with ARF.

ARF Research Affiliate

These scholars must have a sponsor by ARF Faculty Affiliate. These scholars may or may not be employed by the University.  They must have research relations with one or more ARF Faculty Affiliate, and one can remain a Research Affiliate for an unspecified length of time.  They must be renewed by their ARF Faculty Affiliates every three years through a letter to the ARF director. They receive no university privileges unless these are provided through their faculty sponsor. The Affiliate must submit their current CV to be on file with ARF.

ARF Affiliated Graduate Students

Graduate students of ARF Affiliated faculty who are involved with archaeological research as part of their progress towards a graduate degree from UC Berkeley.

Visiting Student Researchers

Graduate students from another university visiting Berkeley for a specific length of time and can be officially associated with ARF

Visiting Researcher Scholar