Gyratory Shaker

Basic information on each piece of equipment
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New Brunswick Scientific Company

Model G10

Model G10 is a versatile shaking machine designed for continuous operation and extremely long life. It has served as a standard laboratory shaker for many years, repeatedly demonstrating its ability to withstand prolonged service under adverse operating conditions with minimum care and attention.

Counterbalanced Drive

This powerful workhorse is built to operate over a wide range of speeds with heavy or unbalanced workloads. A triple eccentric-shaft drive with counter balancing system accounts for unusual stability and vibration-free performance.This design assures high rates of agitation over prolonged periods of investigation.
Heavy workloads ride smoothly and quietly on 9 rugged bail bearings in a cast-iron drive transmission.To withstand continuous day and night operation, the drive is equipped with double-race bail bearings in the up­per eccentric housing sa that the entire load rotates on 12 ball-bearing races. To assure reproducible agitation and long life, components are machined to very close tolerances and are assembled with the utmost precision. Positive rotary agitation is distributed uniformly to ail samples on the shaker platform.

Adjustable Speed Range

The shaking platform is rotated horizontally in a one-inch circular orbit by a continuous duty, 1/8 hp, ball-bearing motor. Speed is adjusted from 40 to 400 rpm, and is reproducible.

Analogic Speed Indication

A panel meter provides precise indication of the shaking rate
A lock­knob with instant spring release pre­vents inadvertent change of the speed setting.
Even with a full load at maximum speed, operation is extremely smooth, quiet and dependable.
The drive mechanism is carefully counter balanced to achieve smooth operation with extra heavy workloads.
The counter­balancing system is adjustable depending on the workload.


This compact unit is built on a chassis of heavy-gauge steel-plate which rests on dual sets of thick rubber feet to absorb residual vibration and prevent creeping. The cabinet is fabricated of heavy­ gauge steel with high resistance to abrasion and corrosives.

Triple Eccentric Drive and Stabilizing Assembly

The most widely used drive for rotary shakers is the triple eccentric Gyrotory drive. Using three rotating shafts, this stabilizing mechanism transmits a smooth, uniform motion to all flasks, even with unbalanced or changing loads. Each individual shaft is accurately machined, critically located and installed in a precision-bored housing.

115V 60HZ