The series, Contributions of the Archaeological Research Facility University of California, Berkeley, was started in 1965. The facility publishes research by its associates in this series. Digital versions of most volumes (1965-2005) are available in PDF format at the Foster Anthropology Library's AnthroHub website. Bound copies of the following volumes (prior to vol 65, 2013) of the series are currently in stock and available to order (download form).

Our series is now Open Access with support from the UC Berkeley Library.

Title Volume number
A bibliography of California archaeology
Papers on Anthropology of the Western Great Basin
Studies in Olmec archaeology
Papers on California ethnography
Papers on Mesoamerican archaeology
Colossal heads of the Olmec culture
The Castaldí collection from central and southern Baja California
Sources of stones used in prehistoric Mesoamerican sites
Papers on Olmec and Maya archaeology
Observations on the emergence of civilization in Mesoamerica
A stylistic and chronological study of Olmec monumental sculpture
Miscellaneous papers on archaeology
Studies in Ancient Mesoamerica, I
The Early Horizon in central California prehistory
Studies in the archaeology of Mexico and Guatemala
Magnetometer survey of the La Venta pyramid and other papers on Mexican archaeology
West Berkeley (CA-Ala-307): A culturally stratified shellmound on the east shore of San Francisco Bay
Four papers on Great Basin anthropology
Four Great Basin petroglyph studies
Studies in Ancient Mesoamerica, II
The Northern California Indians: A reprinting of 19 articles on California Indians originally published 1872-1877
Ethnographic interpretations, 12-13 : socio-religious aspects of resource management, and practices of warfare among California Indians
Bibliographical history of California anthropological research, 1850-1917
Author and Title Index, University of California publications in American archaeology and ethnology, volumes 1-50, 1903-1964
Archaeology of the south coast ranges of California
Studies in California paleopathology
Studies in Ancient Mesoamerica, III
The prehistory and human ecology of Garden and Coal Valleys : a contribution to the prehistory of southeastern Nevada
An archaeological assay on Dry Creek, Sonoma County, California
Ethnographic and historical sketch of the Eastern Pomo and their neighbors, the Southeastern Pomo
The Round Valley Indians of California: An unpublished chapter in Acculturation in seven (or eight) American Indian tribes
Late prehistoric human ecology at Lake Cahuilla, Coachella Valley, California
San Francisco Bay archaeology : sites A1a-328, A1a-13, and A1a-12
Studies in Ancient Mesoamerica, IV
Methods in artifact analysis : a study of upper paleolithic burins
Obsidian studies in the Great Basin
Prehistoric hunter-gatherers of Shelter Island, New York : an archaeological study of the Mashomack Preserve
Explorations on the Makran Coast, Pakistan: A Search for Paradise
The Archaeology and Ethnohistory of Fort Ross, California. Vol. 1: Introduction
Current directions in California obsidian studies
The Archaeology and Ethnohistory of Fort Ross, California. Vol. 2: The Native Alaska Neighborhood
Toward a New Taxonomic Framework for Central California Archaeology: Essays by James A. Bennyhoff and David A. Fredrickson
Prehistoric use of the Coso Volcanic Field
Fields of Victory: Vijayanagara and the course of intensification
Prehistoric Hawaiian occupation in the Anahulu Valley, O'ahu Island: Excavations in three inland rockshelters
Kala Uyuni: An early political center in the southern Lake Titicaca Basin : 2003 excavations of the Taraco Archaeological Project
Triangulating Archaeological Landscapes: The US Coast Survey in California, 1850-1895
Early Settlement at Chiripa, Bolivia: Research of the Taraco Archaeological Project
Egyptian Pottery: Proceedings of the 1990 Pottery Symposium at the University of California, Berkeley
Essays in California archaeology : a memorial to Franklin Fenenga
Lapita and its Transformations in Near Oceania: Archaeological Investigations in the Mussau Islands, Papua New Guinea, 1985-88
Prehistoric Human Ecology of the Big Sur Coast, California
The To'aga Site: Three Millennia of Polynesian Occupation in the Manu'a Islands, American Samoa
Excavation of the Emeryville Shellmound (ALA-309): 1906: Nels C. Nelson's Final Report
Archaeological Investigations in the Mangareva Islands (Gambier Archipelago), French Polynesia
Metini Village: An Archaeological Study of Sustained Colonialism in Northern California
Khonkho Wankane: Archaeological Investigations in Jesus de Machaca, Bolivia
Explorations in the Pisco Valley: Max Uhle's reports to Phoebe Apperson Hearst, August 1901 to January 1902
Te Henua Enana: Images and Settlement Patterns in The Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia
Spirit Fire and Lightning Songs: Looking at Myth and Shamanism on a Klamath Basin Petroglyph Site