Where do I park?

Parking near ARF and Kroeber Hall


Note: Map is oriented with East at the top of the map.
This map is modified from the official Campus Map PDF.

There are two UC Berkeley parking lots close to the ARF and to Kroeber Hall (Dept of Anthropology) shown in the map above. Parking is available to the public in the Boalt Lot, Kroeber Lot, and Bancroft Structure after 5 pm and costs $1 per hour. The Boalt Lot is accessed from Piedmont Avenue.
More information about UC Berkeley visitor parking.

On city streets, metered parking is available on Bancroft Way and other nearby streets for $1.25 per hour (9am-6pm, Mon-Sat, free during the evenings, Sundays and holidays). Street parking on Piedmont Avenue near the International House is free (maximum of two hours until 7 PM, unlimited at night).
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