Millipore Q3 Ultrapure Water Distiller

Millipore Q3
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Direct-Q systems deliver both pure and ultrapure water directly from tap for use with a wide variety of applications in your lab. With the Direct-Q range, you can choose the solution that’s right for you. A number of versatile solutions exist to match your specific needs, including systems with multiple flow rates and corresponding storage volumes that are equipped with integrated or external reservoirs and designed for under bench-, bench- or wall-mounting.

In addition, you can fine-tune your ultrapure water quality to match your applications. The systems’ built-in 185/254 nm UV lamp reduces the levels of organics for critical applications, and also destroys bacteria. You can add Application Pak polishers to remove specific contaminants such as bacteria, particulates, pyrogrens, nucleases, endocrine disruptors or Volatile Organic Compounds.

The systems’ versatile remote dispenser helps you stay focused on your work by providing ultrapure water delivery where you need it. The remote dispenser can be placed up to two meters from the Direct-Q system, and are available in free-standing or wall-installed models. Alternatively, systems in the Direct-Q range are available with an integrated dispenser for use on the benchtop.



  • Type 1 water for HPLC mobile phase preparation, sample dilution, buffer and cell culture media preparation, preparation of chemical solutions used with titrators, spectrophotometers and electrophoresis systems, preparation of culture media and reagents for molecular biology applications. 
  • Type 3 water for non-critical applications such as glassware washing or rinsing.




  • Produce Type 1 ultrapure water (18.2 MΩ•cm resistivity at 25 °C and < 10 ppb Total Organic Carbon) on demand directly from potable tap water. 
  • Available with a built-in 185 and 254 nm UV lamp for production of low TOC water required by organic-sensitive applications. 
  • Produce Type 3 (Reverse Osmosis) water for basic lab applications at a flow rate of 3 liters per hour at 15 °C. Type 3 water is easily available from the 6L built-in reservoir, or the external 30/60 L reservoirs. 
  • Maintenance reduced to a single cartridge change once or twice a year. 
  • Ideal for laboratories that do not have easy access to pretreated water and need between 1 and 10 L of ultrapure water per day. 
  • Alarm warning in case of a sudden drop in the quality of the product water. 
  • Dispensing adapted to different size laboratory glassware. 
  • Time-saving fixed volume dispense.


Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Systems are UL and cUL listed under file E2116983 in the “Laboratory Use Electrical Equipment Category”, and meet the requirements of UL 61010 standards. Systems conform to European Union CE directives 89/336/CEE (electromagnetic compatibility) and 73/23/CEE (electrical equipment within certain voltage limits). All systems are manufactured in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified environments.

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