ARF Scholars & Associates

Name ARF Affiliation Research Interests Web Links
Natalie Abell Visiting Scholar Mediterranean Prehistory. Island Archaeology, Craft Production Profile, Email
Mohammed Alami Research Associate Architectural History, Islamic Art, Earthean Architecture Email
Jim Allan Visiting Scholar California Archaeology Profile, Email
Christopher Ames Postdoctoral Scholar Paleolithic Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, Paleoanthropology, Environmental Archaeology Profile, Email
Michelle Bonogofsky Visiting Scholar Bioarchaeology, Near Eastern Archaeology, Skulls Email
Scott Byram Research Associate Pacific Coast Archaeology Profile, Email
Kim Christensen Visiting Scholar California Historical Archaeology, Gender Studies Email
David Cohen Visiting Scholar African Archaeology, Ceramics, Zooarchaeology Profile, Email
Jerry Cooper Visiting Researcher    
Kevin Gibbs Research Associate Near East, East Asia, Early Pottery, Early Bronze Profile, Email
Tim Gill Visiting Scholar European Paleolithic, Hawaiian Archaeology Email
Donna Gillette Visiting Scholar Rock Art, California Archaeology Email
Richard Hughes Research Associate Geochemistry, California and Great Basin Archaeology Profile, Email
Lucas Martindale Johnson Visiting Student Researcher Geochemistry, Lithics, Mesoamerica and California ProfileEmail
Edward Luby ARF Associate California Archaeology, Museum Studies, Shellmounds Profile, Email
Sidsel Millerstrom ARF Associate Oceanic Archaeology,
Rock Art
Melissa K. Nelson ARF Associate Cultural Ecology Email
Breck Parkman ARF Associate California Archaeology, Cold War Archaeology, Rock Art State Park Page, Profile, Email
Laurie Pearce ARF Associate Near Eastern Archaeology Profile, Email
Jeremiah Peterson Postdoctoral Scholar    
Sherry Pierce Parrish ARF Associate California Indians, California Material Culture, Museum Studies Email
Eric Ritter Visiting Scholar California Archaeology Email
Lester Rowntree Research Associate Geography, Climate Change, Landscape Ecology Email
Thomas Schreiner Research Associate Mesoamerican archaeology and biogeography Email
Davide Semenzin Visiting Scholar Data Visualization Profile,
Rus Sheptak Research Associate Historical Anthropology of Mexico and Central America ProfileEmail
Lee Steadman ARF Associate Andean Archaeology, Ceramics Email
Charles Striplen Visiting Scholar California Ecology and Archaeology Profile,
Charlotte Sunseri Research Associate California Archaeology Profile, Email
Barbara Voytek Visiting Scholar Mesolithic and Neolithic Europe Email