Lectures, Workshops, and Special Presentations are open to the public and are hosted by the Archaeological Research Facility in the seminar room (room 101) of the ARF at College 2251 Building (map, directions, and parking), unless otherwise noted.

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Stanford Archaeology Center

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Badè Museum (Berkeley CA)

Northern California Archaeology Calendar

This calendar is an aggregation of a Google calendar and the Archaeology-related Events calendar at UC Berkeley. To post to this calendar or to suggest additional calendar subscriptions please email

The goal is to display archaeology-related events and exhibits from universities, colleges, museums, and parks in the region. Most institutions use web calendar systems and, provided that all the calendars can generate iCalendar feeds (iCal), these calendars can be combined into a single archaeology-events calendar automatically through iCal subscription.

Bay Area Archaeology Exhibitions

This calendar lists current museum exhibits in the San Francisco Bay Area. Exhibits at UC Berkeley appear on the UC Berkeley Exhibits calendar and on the ARF-filtered campus Exhibits calendar