ST Imaging 200X AM/MOCA Microfilm Scanner

Basic information on each piece of equipment
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This ST Imaging 200X AM/MOCA Digital Microfilm/Microcard/Microfiche scanner is used with an ELMO viewing system. The system is connected to a Dell Vostro 400 windows desktop machine and an Epson Perfection 700 flatbed scanner.

Motorized Combo. Motorized film advance plus MOCA for viewing and capturing from roll film, microfiche, ultrafiche, and opaque micro print cards

ST 200X Film Scanner
Scanning Type: 35mm Direct Film Scan
Image Sensor: Linear Array Color CCD
Color Mode: 36 bits per pixel
Grayscale Mode: 8 bits per pixel
Optical Resolution: Up to 3600 dpi
Light Source: Cold Cathode Florescent Lamp
Preview Speed: Lower Resolution 1 second / Higher resolution 10 seconds
Scan Speeds: Lower Resolution 1 second / Higher resolution up to 45-75 seconds
Maximum Area: 35mm x 36mm single pass Interface USB 2.0
Power Adapter: 12 VDC / 1A
Power Source: AC 100-240 V 50Hz - 60Hz
PC Recommendations: 512MB Ram, 17” or larger monitor, 2 USB 2.0 ports
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows Vista
Screen Refresh: 30 frames per second
Power Source: AC 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Current: 0.8A 0 0.4A
Input Selection: Main/Viewer/SD Card
Output terminals: RGB Output
Composite Video Output: S-video Output
Input Terminal: RGB Input
External Control: Remote Control
Dimensions/Weight: ST200 Digital Film Viewer 19” x 20” x 14” / 18 lbs.
ST 200 Scanner Assembly 23” x 14“ x 5” / 9 lbs.
ST200 Assembled System 23” x 20” x 14” / 27 lbs