Geometrics Magnetometer 858

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Note that the photo shows a single-head magnetometer. Our device has two cesium heads (gradiometer).

Weight and dimensions (in hardcase): 78 x 36 x 26 cm, 29 Kg (63.3 lbs)

MagMap2000 software is free online at this link:

Discussing the longevity of the instrument with Don Pierce, Geometrics Customer Support, (408) 428-4210.

Inside the sensor the lamp is epoxied to a stand and this epoxy can break if the unit is dropped or otherwise subjected to shock. Now they are using a different epoxy that doesn't break down as quickly.

Mag Diagnostics Test window:
RF 1,2 (frequency control) should be under 60% (preferably 30-40%)
Brightness: should be 50% (+/- 5%)
Cold: 50%
Signal: dependant on where you are (not as good for general diagnostics).

Battery shelf-life is 3-5 yrs depending on how they're used (condition the batteries by giving them a full charge every 6 mo).