Trimble Juno SB

Basic information on each piece of equipment

The Juno SB handheld uses the Windows Mobile® version 6.1 operating system.

Juno GPS units are lower cost units that are not ruggedized like the GeoXH units. Trimble estimates that they will provide 2-5m of accuracy. The principal advantage to the Juno over recreation GPS units such as Garmin is that you can use more sophisticated software like Arcpad and Terrasync to do GIS data logging in the field, and you can post-process the results using GPS Pathfinder Office or GPS Analyst.

The Juno units have one advantage over our higher accuracy GeoXH GPS units: they have cameras that can be used to log photos or video linked to locations mapped during field work.

The following configuration is used during software reinstallation.

  1. Fill in Owner Information on front screen including institute name and phone and email.
  2. Install Trimble Terrasync from Windows using our activation code. Use the Trimble Installer because the Trimble software activation follows the actual WinMobile install step.
  3. Configure Terrasync (5.30): Launch. Choose Setup > Logging Settings: Antenna Height = 1m (handheld). Point/vertex Pause: 1sec (averages 2 positions per point). Real-Time Settings: Choice 1 = Integrated SBAS, Choice 2 = Uncorrected GNSS (enables WAAS support in North America). 
  4. Arcpad. Using the ESRI Arcpad Deployment application (if it's the first time on the PC or just check boxes in Add/Remove Programs if it's not) install ESRI Arcpad as well as Streetmap, Sample World Data, Arcpad Today Screen, NADCON and HARN tables (for North American users), as well as Spanish Language Pack. Also install VBScript and and SQL Server 2005 software (these will require a restart of the GPS).
  5. Install Trimble GPSCorrect for Arcpad using the Trimble installer so that the Activation code can be entered and the activation file installed. Do not load any LANGUAGE DLL files or your GPSCorrect will be entirely in that language with no option to switch (this will require a reinstall to remove!).
  6. Launch ESRI Arcpad, enter our serial number on first screen so it's not in Demo mode. Open GPS Preferences and confirm that Trimble GPSCorrect is the protocol. Choose the Capture tab to Enable Averaging, Points: 50, Vertices: 5, Postion: 2, Distance Interval: 3m. Choose Quality tab and enter Non-Compulsory Warnings and check Maximum PDOP of 6. GPS Height tab, Antenna height= 1m (handheld mode).
  7. Configure Trimble GPSCorrect inside Arcpad: Click GPSCorrect icon, choose Setup menu, Logging Settings: GNSS to SSF = On, Real-Time Settings: Choice 1 = Integrated SBAS, Choice 2 = Uncorrected GNSS.