Close range scanner for artifacts and for architectural details.

Support Contact:
Mark Lyon, Midwest Regional Sales Manager, Radiometric Products
Konica Minolta Sensing, 101 Williams Drive, Ramsey, NJ 07446
Office-201 785-2493, Cell- 201 749-3219

Scan Distance

Range: 60 cm to 250 cm


Resolution and Range of Digitized Volumes (X, Y, Z where x is the horizontal dimension of the focal plane, y is the vertical axis, z is distance from the sensor, units are millimeters), Field of View varies based on distance between VIVID and scanned object.

  near field (@ 0.6 m) far field max resolution (depth) Comments
Tele Lens: 111 x 84 x 40 mm 460 x 350 x 130 mm (@ 2.5 m) 0.039 mm (0.0016") Used for detailed, dense scans
Mid Lens: 196 x 153 x 70 mm 830 x 622 x 220 mm (@ 2.5 m) 0.068 mm (0.0026") Used for most applications
Wide Lens: 355 x 266 x 92 mm 1200 x 903 x 400 mm (@ 2 m) 0.090 mm (0.0035") Used rarely for large areas. Low density


Output Formats:3-D data: Konica Minolta format & (STL, DXF, OBJ, AXCII points, VRML)
(Converted to 3-D data by the Polygon Editing Software/standard accessory
Color data: RGB 24-bit raster scan data)
Recording Medium: Compact Flash memory card
Output Interface: SCSI II (DMA synchronous transfer)

Weight: 23.65 kg (52.1 lb) inside Pelican case, not including tripod.

We have a Ratoc SCSI2-USB U2SCX Cable that allows the user to control the scanner directly from the PET software. The driver for the cable can be downloaded from

Notes: One needs to control lighting on the subject (dark tent), it is essentially a lab-based machine. It is good for recording texture. The scanner operates at a single wavelength in the Red close to Near Infrared.

Output Formats: Scanned a leafy branch from a bay tree outside the ARF using the medium length lens. The scanner saved into a 3.5mb CDM file (attached here, zipped). This CDM file was exported using the PET 2.30 software (parallel port dongle required) to the following formats: .SCN, .ASC (ascii text), .DXF, .OBJ (Wavefront), .WRL (VRML2), .STL-Ascii, .STL-Binary, .HRC (Softimage), .VVD. The files were zipped up into the file (37mb) and is attached to this webpage. A copy of the plain ASCII file is also available in the file called FAMA001_ASC.txt.