JMC ESP Soil Auger-Probe

Basic information on each piece of equipment
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Hand powered auger by JMC "Environmentalist's Subsurface Probe" (ESP). Vendor website lists the item as weighing 42 lbs.

Includes: Probe, 36" tube with 2 stainless tips, slide-hammer, cleaning brush, core extraction tool, owner's manual.

Also comes with 15 PETG Copolyester 36" liners with 30 vinyl caps (supplies may vary).

  • Punches through soil like a powered probe.
  • Pulls a 3 foot (or 4 foot) sample in one plunge.
  • Captures every sample in a plastic (or stainless steel) liner.
  • Drives sampling tube with a 12.5 pound drop-hammer (or electric hammer).
  • Retrieves sampling tube with a foot-operated jack.
  • Can sample to depths of 21 feet in most soils by adding extensions and reentering the same hole.
  • Depending on the model chosen, sample diameters may be 0.8 or 1.2 inches.
  • Extremely portable. Can be carried most anywhere you can walk.