TAG 2011 Conference


Theoretical Archaeology Group
TAG - USA 2011

of and in
the Contemporary World

University of California - Berkeley

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Date: May 6-8, 2011

Archaeology of the contemporary world; contemporary theory in archaeology; archaeology and its contemporary social context; archaeology, popularly associated with a dusty past, is thoroughly embedded in the contemporary world.


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TAG Berkeley invites participants to freely imagine ways in which archaeological theory, practice, politics, and publication articulate with "the contemporary". Whether looking at how archaeology is represented in popular culture, how archaeologists are examining the events and processes taking place around us today, or how archaeological examination of even distant pasts is bound up in the perspectives of our present lives, archaeologists are not of another time: we are here and now, and our discipline speaks to that time and place.
Confirmed plenary speakers:
         Rodney Harrison
         Bonnie Clark
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Sponsored by the
Archaeological Research Facility
University of California, Berkeley