The Oceanic Archaeology Laboratory is permanently located on the ground floor of UC Berkeley's beautiful 2551 College Building.

2251 College Ave, located near Wurster Hall and Boalt School of Law.

Research equipment available in the OAL includes two computers currently holding several large research databases on excavated archaeological materials from Mussau, Mangaia, and Kahikinui. Currently supported software includes Microsoft Office, SPSS, AutoCAD, Surfer, Photoshop, and ArcGIS. Also available are a Calcomp 9160 digitizing tablet and a slide scanner. Analytical equipment includes stereoscopic and petrographic microscopes, thin-section saws and grinders, muffle furnace, centrifuge, fume hood, pH meter, and other equipment for geoarchaeological studies. The OAL also maintains several references collections, including oceanic fishbones, and Hawaiian and Oceanic wood and seeds and other archaeobotanical materials.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Kirch and the ARF website.