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What's News in the OAL

Judge sets Ayau free to participate in talks:

By Gordon Y.K. Pang
Advertiser Staff Writer

The legal battle over 83 priceless Hawaiian cultural items entered a new phase yesterday.

Appeals court upholds ruling against Hui Malama: The organization is given 16 days to return native Hawaiian artifacts to Bishop Museum

By Sally Apgar

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has told a native Hawaiian group to return 83 priceless artifacts to Bishop Museum so other claimants may get an opportunity to help decide their final resting place.

Court rejects group's cave danger claim

By Ken Kobayashi
Advertiser Courts Writer

A federal appeals court will not consider statements that reopening a sealed Big Island cave to retrieve 83 priceless Hawaiian burial artifacts could cause the cave to collapse....

H-3 sites yield clues of early Islanders

By Bob Krauss
Advertiser Columnist

The first public summary of Hawai'i's biggest and most expensive archaeological project indicates that there wasn't one Hawaiian way of doing things, and that customs and beliefs may have differed not only from island to island but even within each island....

Featured publication as a part of the Hawaiian Biocomplexity Project:

Patrick V. Kirch & Warren D. Sharp
2005 Coral 230Th dating of the imposition of a ritual control hierarchy in precontact Hawaii. Science 307:102-104.
See the abstract and the full text article via Professor Patrick Kirch's biography and publications page.

Photo courtesy of Sidsel Millerstrom