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Patrick V. Kirch, 2000. On the Road of the Winds: An Archaeological History of the Pacific Islands Before European Contact. Berkeley: University of California Press.
ISBN 0-520-22347-0.

Written without jargon and directed to a general audience, this book presents a synthesis of current archaeological knowledge on the islands of the Pacific and their peoples. Enhanced by 15 maps and 162 illustrations, the book is also accompanied by an extensive bibliography of primary sources. “No one knows this material as well or can present it in such an effective manner. This book should stand for a generation as the major synthesis of Oceanic prehistory” (Timothy Earle). “An essential text for any social scientist working in the Pacific” (Chris Ballard). “Nanti d’une plume alerte et d’un sens de la formule évident, Kirch a gagné son pari avec brio en maniant avec dextérité les saviors de l’archéologue, du linguiste et de l’ethnologue” (Anne di Piazza, L’Homme).

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