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Area F: 1986

We decided to dig here in order to learn more about the date of the temple (already excavated by the British in the 1920's) and about its relation to the city as a whole. First we uncovered the huge late Roman retaining wall to the sanctuary, and the monumental staircase that led down to the temple. In so doing we discovered, to our surprise, that the retaining wall had cut through a number of earlier levels without destroying them on either side. So, five feet down on the landward side we hit the early Roman paved coast road, complete with sophisticated drainage system and buildings fronting on to it (a complex we quickly dubbed the "Embarcadero"); and slightly below this on the seaward side we found what appear to be Hellenistic and Persian houses-- one with a spinning-and-weaving establishment inside (we found the loomweights and delicately carved bone needles). Finally, in the last week, on the landward side again, we came upon a monumental stairway of cut limestone blocks, almost eight feet across, which must be the entrance to a large Hellenistic public building.

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