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Area G : 1988

The results of 1988 confirmed many of our theories from the end of the previous year. "Blob" and "Baby Blob" did continue on the other side of the street, lending support to the idea that we have some sort of covered walk way, perhaps with columns. A series of squares was opened to the west to check if "Blob" and "Baby Blob" continued in that direction. These squares were only excavated until they reached the top of one of these two walls. It seems clear that these walls would have intersected a similar series of walls running north-south which were found in F in 1986. The question still remaining is the relationship of these east-west walls in G with the street which runs from the gate in B generally toward G. At present it seems that Dor's Roman forum is slightly askew; its main north-south and east-west intersection being at the northeast corner of the forum. Also of interest from the Roman period was a basement with a fine plastered floor and a number of cooking pots, jars and lamps found largely intact. This may be a kitchen or storage chamber.

Hellenistic remains are still few and scattered, though the wall of what may be a large Hellenistic building was reused by the Romans when laying out the course of "Baby Blob". Sections of what must have been Persian period buildings have now been identified, showing that the entire area was not given over to garbage disposal.

Mudbrick architecture began to appear in earnest this season. What seems to be a layer of reeds placed as bedding between mudbricks was uncovered. This is the first example of reeds used in this manner ever excavated in Israel. In the last days of the excavation what appears to be a wall made of stones as large as any in the city gate was discovered. If it really is a wall it is the remains of a monumental building from the early part of the Iron Age, from the time of the Sea Peoples into that of Solomon.

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