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Area G : 1992

Here we concentrated on revealing more of the Iron Age town uncovered in 1987-1991. We now have two massive destructions less than a century apart. The earlier Iron I destruction of ca. 1050 B.C.E., was very violent; a meter of burned deposit, including destroyed installations and many in situ artifacts, testifies to a huge fire, perhaps of human origin. Contemporaneous with similar destructions in the Gate and Temple areas (B1 and F1), it may be the Phoenician destruction of the town founded by the Sea-People (Sikels) after Ramses III defeated them ca. 1185 B.C.E.

The later destruction, on the Iron I/IIA borderline around 1000 B.C.E., remained an enigma till the last Thursday of the excavation when the complete skeleton of a young woman was found crushed under a collapsed limestone wall (see Stewart, "A Death at Dor"). Though collapsed mud-brick walls, in situ pottery, and metalwork had already suggested that we were looking at a single event, this was the discovery which led us to suggest an earthquake as the reason for the destruction of this stratum. Earthquake victims are very rare in Israel, only four known from the Byzantine and earlier periods. This is a discovery of major importance.

The skeletal remains of ' an Early Iron Age 'Phoenician' woman,
killed in an earthquake around 900 BC

Excavating 'Doreen'



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