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Area H : 1997

Our operations this season in Area H, above the smaller, southern Roman foundation, were led by Allen Estes and John Yelding-Sloan, and concentrated upon extending the excavated area to the north, east, and west. We linked up with our old Area F1 to the north, finding the extension of the Roman main N-S highway (the rooms gave us a 1st-2nd century C.E. date for their occupation. These rooms were covered by the terracing, road, and drain system that accompanied the construction of the temples in the late 2nd century C.E. This, in turn, was buried when the site was abandoned around 230 C.E., and partially robbed out by the Crusaders when they came to construct their moat and accompanying glacis in the 13th century. Their robber trenches yielded many small finds, including Crusader pottery, horse-trappings and shoes, and horse-bones. On the western, seaward side we remove the Dolphin mosaic that gave our rich house its nickname of "Villa Delphinia"; it will shortly go on display in our museum in Kibbutz Nachsholim, the "Glasshouse." We then continued excavation in rooms that had not been completely cleared last year, and outside the house's retaining wall. Here we were surprised to find two basements, one with door and steps intact, and numerous fragments of a superb fresco that finds its best parallels in Julio-Claudian Italy, at Primaporta and Pompeii. Our theory that the house rests on the old Hellenistic city wall was somewhat strengthened by the discovery of more bossed Hasmonean style masonry in its lower courses. Since we have yet to reach the bottom of this deposit, we look forward to finding more of both fresco and wall in future seasons.

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