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Area H : 2000

Area H: 2000 This was our fourteenth season at Dor. The team was directed by Andrew Stewart, assisted by Allen Estes, and incorporated the UC Santa Barbara team in the absence of its director, Rainer Mack. The grand total was seventeen staff and 73 volunteers, including seven students on scholarships generously funded by Berkeley's College of Letters and Science. The six-week campaign lasted through July and early August.

Our five-unit team in Area H, above the smaller, southern "temple" foundation, was led by John Yelding-Sloan. We focused upon extending the area to the east and west and sinking probes beneath the floors in two rooms already dug in 1997. On the west, we discovered Temple H's foundation trench, complete with enough dated pottery and lamps to place the building's construction decisively after ca. 150 AD. Meanwhile on the east of the Roman main N/S road (the "Embarcadero") we finished digging the big tabuns of uncertain function that we found in 1999. Unfortunately, no further clues as to their function (bread ovens? glass furnaces?) were discovered.

Bone objects, Roman

We also investigated the foundations of the large building to the north of them. We now have good stratigraphical evidence for several occupation stages in its early Roman phase, with consequent changes in the building's use pattern and internal arrangements. As a bonus, we also found a splendid Corinthian capital of marble, dumped in a late robber trench. And finally, a probe was sunk beneath the floors of two of the early Roman rooms in central H. Much dateable late Hellenistic material appeared, but the two most spectacular finds were a superb early Roman gemstone engraved with a satyr's head and a thin gold band, perhaps a bracelet.

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