Historical instruments in the ARF

In the past fifty years of research by scholars at the Archaeological Research Facility instrumentation has changed dramatically. A number of historic instruments on are display at the ARF.


Buff & Buff Transit

Model 2C
Produced: 1930 (approx.)
Optical tube length: 
25.4 cm (10")
Serial: 25574


Keuffel & Esser
Wye Level

20" Extra Fine Engineers
Model: 5012
Produced: 1908
Optical tube length: 
51.5 cm (20 1/4")
Serial: 16516


W. & L.E. Gurley
1510 no. L

18 Inch Engineers Wye Level
Model: 377
Produced: 1915
Optical tube length:
49.2 cm (19 3/16")
Serial: 151090

Thanks to Robert Parrish of Antique Surveying Instruments for information about our instruments.