UC Berkeley - Cal Day 2008

Saturday, April 12, 9am - 3pm

All events will be held at the Archaeological Research Facility (2251 College Building)

9-11 am
Play With Clay
Learn how to make and decorate your own ceramics the way people did in the past. Clay available -- bring your own kids!

10-10:45 amA Llama Caravan in Southern Peru (Dr. Nicholas Tripcevich)
Traveling with a traditional llama caravan bearing salt and tubers, archaeologists recently journeyed to the highlands of Peru to carry out an ethnoarchaeological research project. See a documentary of the experience and hear from the research director. For more information visit the project site online at

11-11:45 amMarking the Landscape in Stone and Paint
(Professor Meg Conkey)
What is rock art and what can we learn about the images produced during the Paleolithic era? Find out!

11 am-noonFlintknappingHave you ever tried flintknapping? Stop by to see Berkeley archaeologists in action and feed your curiosity about how stones are made into tools.

11 am-1 pmRock-Art PaintingTry your brush and hand -- literally -- at making paints and helping paint a rock-art mural.

Noon-12:45 pmBridging the Gap Between Real, Imagined, and Virtual at a 9,000-Year-Old Archaeological Site(Professor Ruth Tringham)
Hear about the innovative archaeological research at Çatalhöyük, Turkey, and discuss the findings of that project.

Noon-2 pmRock-Art RecordingNo, not with mixers and synthesizers, but with actual rocks! Learn how archaeologists record rock art in this hands-on activity at Berkeley's very own rock-art site.

1-1:45 pmHistorical Archaeology and Hansen's Disease: A New Perspective from Hawai'i
(James Flexner)
Hear about the ongoing historical archaeological research being done at the former Hansen's disease (leprosy) colony on Molokai, Hawai'i.

1-3 pmAttention: Excavation in ProgressDon't miss this chance to see Berkeley students working on their continuing investigation of the historic Cheney House archaeological site on campus.

1-3 pmOKAPI Island in Second LifeVisit OKAPI Island in the 3-D, virtual environment of Second Life, and explore the past and present of Çatalhöyük, a 9,000-year-old village located in present-day Turkey. The island, constructed by undergraduate research apprentices, features virtual reconstructions of the excavation site and multimedia exhibits of research data.

2-3 pmAndean Ceramics of South America: A Journey Through Space and Time
(Andy Roddick)
Hear about the social and technological construction of Andean ceramics and how these artifacts can be used to answer important archaeological questions.