Recent ARF Research

This list provides links to recent projects by ARF scholars. This includes research funded by the Stahl grant supporting Berkeley archaeologists. Enlarge Map View

Stahl Research Reports are available in perpetuity as part of the ARF Field Reports collection on the UC eScholarship repository.

Agarwal, Sabrina C; Beauchesne, Patrick; Kinkopf, Katherine; Trombley, Trent, 2015. A Bioarchaeological Study of Growth, Aging, and Lifestyle in Medieval Rural Italy

Chilcote, Celise ; Waters-Rist, Andrea L; Hoogland, Menno H; Agarwal, Sabrina C., 2015.  A Biocultural Approach to Social Identity at Historical Middenbeemster

Hastorf, Christine A., 2015. Report for Stahl Foundation about the past four years of research on the Taraco Peninsula, Bolivia.

Rodriguez, Erin C., 2015. Soil Micromorphology with the Fort Davis Archaeology Project.

Weber, Martin, 2015. XRF Analysis of Late Bronze and Iron Age Ceramics from West-Central Syria

Cradic, Melissa S, 2015. Funerary Practices and Personhood: Bronze Age Burial Assemblages from Tel Megiddo, Israel.

Cantazariti, Antonietta, 2014. Middle Bronze Age Ceramic Vessels from Kamid el-Loz.

Crisostomo, C. Jay, 2014. Bilingual Education in Old Babylonian Mesopotamia: The Exemplars in the British Museum, London.

Shelton, Kim S, 2014. The Prehistoric Origins and Early Historic Development of The Pan-Hellenic Sanctuary of Zeus:Excavation of Ancient Nemea, 2014 Season.

Veldhuis, Niek, 2014. Lexical Texts from Jena.

Weaverdyck, Eli, 2014. Isolation or Integration? A Spatial-Analytic Approach to the Local Impact of the Roman Army on the Northern Frontier.

Neumann, Kiersten, 2013. Visual Analysis of Materials from Neo-Assyrian Temples and Archival Document Consultation.

Pena, J. Theodore, 2013. The Pompeii Artifact Life History Project.

Porter, Benjamin W, 2013. Subsistence and Social Life on the Edge of Empires: The Dhiban Project’s 2013 Season.

Rodriguez, Erin C, 2013. Exploratory Soil Micromorphological Analysis of Floor Constructions at the Omo Temple Complex, Moquegua, Peru.

Veldhuis, Niek: Royal Lexicography at the Assyrian Court, 2012

Voytek, Barbara, 2012. Analysis of Chipped Stone Tools from the Tisza Culture Site of Hodmezovasarhely-Gorzsa, Hungary: 2011 - 2012.

Fatkin, Danielle Steen; Adelsberger, Katherine; Farahani, Alan; Fischer, Alysia; Kansa, Sarah Whitcher; Lev-Tov, Justin et al., 2011. Digging Deeper: Technical Reports from the Dhiban Excavation and Development Project (2004 - 2009).

Voytek, Barbara, 2011. Lithics Analysis at Grotta Dell 'Edera, Italy.