Azarpay Research Profile

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ARF Affiliated
Professor emerita

Research Interests

  • Art of Silk Roads: art of the stations on the intercontinental trade routes between China and the Mediterranean in the first millennium AD, with articles in press and in progress.
  • Sasanian Seal Stones: A Catalogue of Ancient Seals in UC Collections (book in preparation).
  • The Interpretation of Sasanian Art (in "Sasanian Art Beyond the Persian World,") paper contributed to the Vladimir Lukonin Memorial Lecture in Iranian Studies, the British Museum, July 1997, Proceedings to appear in 2000.

Habu Research Profile

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ARF Affiliated
Projects / Collaborators: 
Jomon Field School 2010

Archaeology of Japan

Since the time of her hiring, Prof. Habu has been conducting the following four archaeological projects:

(1) Analysis of Early Jomon Data from Central Japan

As a continuation of her dissertation research, she has been conducting the analysis of Early Jomon data from central Japan. In particular, in the academic year of 1996/97, she conducted an analysis of artifacts from the Takada Shell-midden, Kanagawa Prefecture. She plans to publish the results of this analysis in the form of a monograph.

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