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Product Description

The SIR-3000 is the industry’s number one choice for data accuracy and versatility. This small, lightweight control unit is designed for single-user operation. The SIR-3000 provides the essential features and flexibility that experienced GPR users require, as well as simplified, application-specific user interfaces for novice GPR users.

The SIR-3000 incorporates advanced signal processing and display capability for ‘in-the-field’ 3D imaging. Unlike other data acquisition products on the market, the SIR-3000 is interchangeable with all GSSI antennas, making it an affordable and flexible option for multi-application users.


The ARF has a 400 Mhz antenna for features up to 3m depth in typical soil conditions and a second antenna with a higher frequency 900 Mhz antenna for higher detail on features with a maximum depth of about 1m. We have both a baby-stroller system and a drag handle and survey wheel system. 

Hardware support is available from GSSI in New Hampshire at 603-893-1109 EST.
GSSI has a trainer on the west coast named Mack McAllister.
For ARF users we have additional GPR related books, GSSI manuals, and workshop files on our internal Hub site.
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