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Jomon Field School 2010

Archaeology of Japan

Since the time of her hiring, Prof. Habu has been conducting the following four archaeological projects:

(1) Analysis of Early Jomon Data from Central Japan

As a continuation of her dissertation research, she has been conducting the analysis of Early Jomon data from central Japan. In particular, in the academic year of 1996/97, she conducted an analysis of artifacts from the Takada Shell-midden, Kanagawa Prefecture. She plans to publish the results of this analysis in the form of a monograph.

(2) Excavation and Data Analysis of the Sannai Maruyama Site in Northern Japan

In the summer of 1997, she conducted an excavation of the Sannai Maruyama site in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. Archaeological materials obtained from this fieldwork are currently being analyzed at the Asian Archaeology Laboratory of UC Berkeley. The project includes (1) analysis of faunal and floral remains from the site in order to examine the subsistence strategies of the site residents, 2) analysis of regional settlement patterns and inter-site lithic assemblage variability in the site vicinity, and 3) anthropological investigation of the relationships between archaeological research and public presentation. A preliminary statement on her Sannai Maruyama research, co-authored by Director Okada, is currently in press. The project has been funded by the following grants: 1996/97 Junior Faculty Research Grant, 1996/97 Junior Faculty Mentor Research Grant, 1997/98 Stahl Endowment Grant, Archaeological Research Facility, and 1997/98 Center for Japanese Studies Research Fund.

(3) X-ray Fluorescence Analyses of Jomon Pottery

Chemical analyses of Jomon pottery have been conducted in order to assist in the study of production and circulation of pottery. To date, approximately 100 samples from five sites in central and northern Japan have been analyzed. The project is being conducted in collaboration with Dr. Mark E. Hall, Archaeological Research Facility, UC Berkeley. They plan to publish the results of our research in the form of journal articles.

(4) Comparative Study of Jomon Data with Arctic Hunter-Gatherer Data

This aspect of the research involves the determination of commonalities in artifact assemblage variability between Jomon people and Thule Inuit. This project is being conducted in collaboration with Professor James M. Savelle, McGill University, and the preliminary results will be presented at the 1998 annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology.