ARF Laboratories

The Archaeological Research Facility maintains six laboratory spaces, including  an archaeological chemical laboratory for ecofact extraction and identification; an image laboratory for microfilm, macro and micro material analysis, including a scanning electronic microscope; a computer laboratory for quantitative analyses, GIS studies, and multimedia work; an XRF laboratory for geochemical information; geophysical computer room, a soils laboratory for sediment processing and analysis, and an organics lab for the analysis of plant and animal remains. There is some licensed software on these machines (see list).

The ARF maintains a USDA Exotic Soils permit for storing foreign soil samples in our labs. ARF also provides field equipment (see below) for our researchers, together with training workshops to ensure that these instruments are being used appropriately. ARF field equipment has been used in coordination with off-campus consultants and research, please contact our lab manager for further information about using ARF equipment and joining our workshops.

ARF Equipment

The ARF also has a suite of instruments for use in fieldwork and lab analysis. Berkeley faculty associated with the ARF have priority access to these instruments, but this equipment may also be used by students and researchers at U.C. Berkeley under the auspices of a particular ARF-associated faculty member.

Our equipment is covered by the university's property insurance.

A publicly-viewable list of ARF equipment is online in the following categories: