1. Beginning at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).
  2. Head east [387 ft]
  3. Turn left (signs for Freeways) [0.2 mi]
  4. Merge onto US-101 N via the ramp to San Francisco [11.4 mi]
  5. Slight right at I-80 E (signs for Oakland/I-80/Bay Bridge/Seventh St/US-101 N)[7.5 mi]
  6. Take the exit onto I-580 E toward Downtown Oakland/Hayward-Stockton/CA-24 [1.7 mi]
  7. Take the exit onto CA-24 E toward Walnut Creek [1.5 mi]
  8. Take the Claremont Ave exit    [0.2 mi]
  9. Turn left at Claremont Ave    [0.7 mi]
  10. Slight left at College Ave    [1.4 mi]
  11. Information about parking near the ARF is online. The ARF is in 2251 College Building, a brick structure located about 100 yards from the south edge of campus. Consult the map on the edge of campus for more detail.

Link to a GoogleMap showing these directions.